Next year, we want to improve...

What we study

In an ever-changing world, our university has to adapt to these changes and prepare students for their future career.

How we study

Students should always be at the centre of learning. Furthermore, the university should keep innovating its education.

Where we study

Students can only study successfully in an environment in which challenges and relaxation are balanced.

Our candidates

#1 Casper Dam

American Studies
Active within G.S.R. Aegir

#2 Andra Buciu

International and European Law
President TBR 2020-2021

#3 Milou Pieterse

English Language and Culture
Faculty Council 2020-2021

#4 Ashish Yadav

Economics and Business Economics
Faculty Council FEB 2020-2021

#5 Michail Kokkorakis

Active within IFSMA, Panacea and VCMS

#6 Hidde van der Weg

Active within Bernlef and Young Socialists

Our support list

“We have all seen how the quality of education and the wellbeing of students has suffered in the past year. I’m supporting Lijst Calimero since it is a party that places these issues at the centre of its vision and I believe they will continue to make sure students' voices are heard next year.”

Midas Bosman

European Languages and Cultures

“I support Lijst Calimero is because they are fighting for the reintroduction of small-scale, physical education as soon as it is safe, whilst also addressing the housing shortage issue for students.”

Marleen Posthuma


“If you value a high level of education that incorporates your wishes as a student, and in addition are concerned with forming the bridge between you and your future career, vote Lijst Calimero!”

Rolf Hidding

International Business