Next year, we want to improve...

What we study

In an ever-changing world, our university has to adapt to these changes and prepare students for their future career.

How we study

Students should always be at the centre of learning. Furthermore, the university should keep innovating its education.

Where we study

Students can only study successfully in an environment in which challenges and relaxation are balanced.

Our candidates

#1 Stijn van Hussen

American Studies
Secretary EPU

#2 Francoise Marais

Faculty Council UCG

#3 Kjelda Glimmerveen

Research Master Religious Sciences
Assessor Faculty Theology and Religious Studies

#4 Oana Florea

Biomedical Sciences
GLV Idun

#5 Ale ten Cate

Secretary GSb, TAM, Ubbo Emmius

#6 Marios Lazarou


Our support list

“I am 20 and currently in the third year of my studies in BSc Physics. I'm also the chair of the FMF, the study association for physics and mathematics. I think that mental health and wellbeing of students are very important topics that need to be worked on, and I believe that Lijst Calimero can take significant steps towards this.”

Yigit Kirca


“I am with Calimero because I strongly advocate small-scale education, one of the main focus points of the party. A university should not target growth, but conveying and developing knowledge. It is not a business. Whether you are a seven-ticks man or a renaissancefleet sailor, education must be student-centered at all levels. During my year in the faculty council of philosophy I noticed how much students, but also teachers profit from the small-scale character at the faculty. By employing more well-trained teaching assistants, among others, Calimero aims to reduce the group size of tutorial classes. ”

Jimmy Lin


“My name is Ugochi Enyoazu, I’m in my second year studying International and European Law. I was born and raised in the Republic of Ireland and moved to Groningen two years ago. I’m on the 13th Board of Nexus holding the position of Coordinator of Internal Affairs, and also an editor in the Groningen Journal of European Law. There is a large number of international students studying at RUG, me being one of them, and I understand how hard it is adjusting to life in a different country at a young age; trying to find your community, but also simply wanting your individual needs to be met. ‘Change is scary, but so is staying in the same place.’ Throughout not only my moving process but also adapting to the university setting, this quote helped me realise that change is hard at times, however, it is necessary for progression in life, as without that change one would not grow as a person. Standing as a candidate for the Council will allow me to stand as a representative for my fellow internationals, and advocate their collective needs, to the university to bring about change. It is essential that the students have an outlet whereby they are listened to, considered, and represented by people they can relate to. Change can be hard for all, but it is the only way that development can take place. ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’ ~ Socrates. ”

Ugochi Enyoazu

International & European Law