Your education, our priority

Next year, we want to improve...

What you study

In an ever-changing world, our university has to adapt to these changes and prepare students for their future career.

How you study

Students should always be at the centre of learning. Furthermore, the university should keep innovating its education.

Where you study

Students can only study successfully in an environment in which challenges and relaxation are balanced.

Our candidates

#1 Rozemarijn Gierkink

Arts, Culture & Media
Secretary Jonge Socialisten

#2 Freddy Cawthorne-Nugent

Spatial Planning & Design
Chair ProGeo

#3 Eoin Raftery

International & European Law + Philosophy
External Affairs HCSA 2018-2019

#4 Lisa van der Panne

Pedagogical Sciences
External Affairs ODIOM

#5 Naila Loudini

Student Representative Medicine

#6 Nirva Portugal

Chemical Engineering
President African Student Community

#7 Arne Hefting

Internal Affairs De Chemische Binding 2018-2019

#8 Dion Theodoridis

Information Science
Internal Affairs ASCI 2018-2019

Our support list

“Lijst Calimero represents personal development and growth of individual students. Inclusion and mental well being are close to my heart, therefore, I support Lijst Calimero since this is the student party that supports students in this everchanging dynamic society”

Marit de Ridder

International Business

“I think it's very important to normalize the timeslots of education, and Lijst Calimero opposes evening and weekend exams. Also during the coronacrisis, they fight for the importance to keep digitalization in check and improve it where possible.”

Frank Pierik