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#1 Stijn van Hussen
Secretary EPU

Hi! I’m Stijn, 22 years old and I am currently doing my masters in International Relations. Having been a student at the UG for some years now, I know how much the university has to offer and where improvements could be made to improve student experiences. Lijst Calimero aims to be critical yet cooperative in working with the University, which suits me perfectly. This year I want to work on improving student’s experiences in their programmes, which means more access to small-scale education, more diverse forms of assessment, and more career focus in education. After two rough years of online education I want to work on ensuring that the right lessons were learned. I want to ensure that students have access to physical education and that digitalization is only used when it improves student experiences. Lijst Calimero is the party fighting for the quality of your education. Quality is a choice, make yours. I hope I can count on your vote!

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