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#10 Henrieke van Elp
External Affairs O.C.S.G.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Henrieke van Elp, the Commissaris Extern of O.C.S.G. This is an overarching organization for the christian student associations in Groningen. This year I have been commited to reach fraternization between the christian student associations. Furthermore, I have contacted many other student organizations in Groningen to connect with them and to share the christian light in the city. I am on this candidate list, because my opinion corresponds to the positions of Lijst Calimero. Do you want to know what this opinion implies? Read more below!

Why should you vote for me?

I think it is very important to pay attention to self-development in addition to study. Your student time is the time of your life. You discover yourself, you have a lot of freedom and you can do what you would like to do. However, space must also be given for this during your studies. Therefore, I strongly support the abolition of lectures and exams in the evenings. In addition, a healthy study environment is important to achieve this. Sufficient attention must be paid to the mental health of students and the study pressure. I met many students in my area who struggle with this. Recognition of this problem by paying attention to it through a campaign week at the RUG would help and make the difference. Do you agree? Vote for me!

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