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#10 Brend Hopman
Faculty Council BSS, Chair ODIOM '19-'20

After times of lockdown, the time has come for us as students to go back to the university. We are going back to 'normal' lectures and we are going back to student life as it should be.

The switch to the new normal is big, as was the switch to lockdowns. This is why there must be a strong voice within the council for the well-being of students. In addition, we must ensure that the fallen quality of education reaches levels like never seen before.

In recent years, I have been able to dedicate myself to my fellow students. First in '19-'20 as chairman within the board of ODIOM. This was followed by two years of Faculty Council. This year I have the honour of chairing the Faculty Council of Behavioural and Social Sciences. My goal is to let every student's voice be heard and to form a bridge between the board and the students.

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