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#11 Frank Pierik
Chair STOF

Who am I?

Dear reader, I’d like to shortly introduce myself. I am Frank Pierik, 24 years old and master student Pharmacy. Within the study association of pharmacy, G.F.S.V. Pharmaciae Sacrum, I held and hold several positions in several committees. This year, I’ve been very active in improving the quality of education at the programme Pharmacy. On the national level I’ve helped my fellow students with their career choice through organizing a career day for pharmaceutical students. Ofcourse, my activities aren’t just restricted to my study. On Fridays I’m usually starting the weekend with a nice match of futsal.

Why should you vote for me?

I have two main points I want to focus on: Firstly I would like to focus on normalizing the timeslots of education. It has become normal that because of capacity problems exams are being held at unorthodox timeslots and that lectures are held in the evenings. This can cause problems for both teachers and students. In previous years, Lijst Calimero has spoken out against evening/weekend exams and lectures. Secondly I’d like to focus on the quality of digital education. Because of the corona pandemic digitalization has had a ‘kickstart’ at all faculties. It’s important to keep digitalization in check and to improve it where possible. I hope to be of service coming year and to receive your vote.

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