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#13 Nina Valentini
Chair Letteren Vooruit Faculty Council Arts

Hi! My name is Nina Valentini, I'm currently finishing up my studies in International Relations and International Organization at the Faculty of Arts and am an active former Board member of SIB-Groningen. Next to this, I'm currently the chair of Letteren Vooruit, the largest student party at the Faculty of Arts. My year in the Faculty Council has taught me how important student representation is and how important it is that there are students who represent you and your interests on all levels of governance. Lijst Calimero does exactly this and has been very successful in making students' voices heard at the university level, especially when it comes to topics like the quality of education or inclusivity of our university, two topics that are very important to me personally. This is why I support Lijst Calimero in these elections. Will you do the same?

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