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#13 Marit de Ridder
Vice-Chair EBF

Who am I?

My name is Marit de Ridder and last year, I successfully completed my International Business and Honours programme. Currently, I am the Vice-Chairman of the EBF, which is one of the biggest study associations helping over 4.500 students to make the best out of their student lives. I am an active and social student who likes to show initiative and work together with ambitious people. I am always looking for challenges which I can find within my board year and extracurricular activities. Therefore, I want to encourage students to get the most out of their study time, develop themselves and explore all the possibilities that Groningen has to offer! Lijst Calimero represents this development and growth and, therefore, I support Lijst Calimero!

Why should you vote for me?

During both my study and board year, I experienced the great importance of having an active student life and participating in extracurricular activities. The Economics and Business Faculty Association (EBF) offers many opportunities to enrich student life and prepare students for their future career. Lijst Calimero represents this development and growth. Inclusion and mental well-being are close to my heart, therefore, I believe student parties should support students in this everchanging dynamic society. This perfectly aligns with the vision of the EBF, where students can develop themselves in a professional and informal way. I believe the initiatives of Lijst Calimero will contribute to this vision. Therefore, I support Lijst Calimero

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