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#17 Reinier Alberts

Who am I?

Hi, there, I"e;m Reinier, this year I"e;m a candidate for Lijst Calimero. I"e;m doing the Master of Medicine at this beautiful university. Our university is so beautiful because we have a representation that is daring and always tries to make the right choice in the interest of the student. Nice examples of this are the discussion about a Branch Campus, quality agreements and international promotion. Last year I was a council member and this year I am a student. I still see opportunities to make the university a more beautiful. At List Calimero I can always think along, talk along, or suggest ideas. That"s why I"e;m on their list, to make sure they can continue to make a difference in the future.

Why should you vote for me?

Medicine is a caring study. Because I have an eye for others, I want to be involved, make plans, give guidance to the university to achieve the best possible for the student. I want to do this, not alone, but with a strong representation. List Calimero is committed to this, by putting together a diverse team each year that can represent all students. As a medical student, I want to contribute to the representation of one of the largest faculties. As a Christian, I am committed to protecting the diversity, beliefs, faiths and ideologies of our university. Therefore, vote for me in these elections

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