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#18 Rieneke Dalmolen
External Affairs Sociƫtas

Who am I?

Hi! I"m Rieneke Dalmolen and I"m 20 years old. Besides studying sociology, I am also the Commissioner of External Contacts of the board of study association Sociƫtas.

Why should you vote for me?

I choose Lijst Calimero, because Lijst Calimero has been committed to employability and small-scale education for years. I think it is important that the contact between student and teacher remains personal, so that students dare to be critical and can develop themselves in this way. For both large and small studies, small-scale education is important for students. In addition, Lijst Calimero has also focused on employability of students, because your education is important for your future on the job market. I hope count on your vote, so that Lijst Calimero can continue to focus on the quality of your education and future.

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