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#2 Françoise Marais
Faculty Council UCG

Hello! I’m Francoise, I am 20 years old and a second year student studying Health and Life Sciences at University College Groningen. This year I have been a part of the faculty council and have been working on creating a better learning environment for the students in my faculty. This is why I wanted to work in the university council, because some of the concerns students have in my faculty really should be addressed university-wide. I wanted to work on improving social safety at RUG, and create more internationally integrated curricula and learning environments - which is why I thought that Lijst Calimero would be a good fit. Our party knows when to fight for what is right, and gets stuff done! Along with Lijst Calimero, I want to fight for your rights and well-being in the council - and ensure that your university education is of high quality. I hope I can count on your vote for this year’s elections, and don’t forget that ‘quality is a choice, so make yours’.

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