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#20 Anouk Goossens
Chair Atmos

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Anouk Goossens. I’m 25 years old and in the second year of my masters Energy & Environmental Sciences. I’m a co-founder and current chair of study association Atmos and former boardmember of G.S.S.V. Tjas.

Why should you vote for me?

A healthy study environment is important, as it is essential to students to do well in their studies. In recent years the pressure on students has increased dramatically, mostly due to the loan system. Lijst Calimero has improved this by getting extra funding for extra psychologists in recent years and by organizing the annual Well-being Week. Additionally students need the room to develop themselves next to their studies. A combination of increased pressure and less room for self-development has lead to a decrease in activity of students throughout the last year. Lijst Calimero works on improving this situation by actively lobbying at the national level against the loan system and by supporting associations. I hope to receive your vote!

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