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#21 Jeroen Dekker
Treasurer GFE

Who am I?

Hey everyone, My name is Jeroen Dekker. I’m 24 years old and next year I’m starting my masters in Fiscal Law. Next to my studies, I’ve done a board year at the Groninger Fiscale Eenheid (GFE). Additionally, I’ve been a competitive rower at G.S.R. Aegir, where I also took part in several committees.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe that it’s important that students see the benefits of getting active at student associations and study associations. Due to increased (financial) pressure on students, becoming active by doing a board year or taking part in committees is becoming less common. Lijst Calimero will commit to improving this situation by lobbying on the national level against the current loan system. I hope to receive your vote!

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