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#22 Aiemun Yousuf Hakim

Who am I?

I am a 3rd-year BA student of International Relations and International Organization. I am of Pakistani origin but have spent most of my life in Dubai. Since joining the RUG I have been a part of "Clio" in the capacity of Secretary & Master"s Portal Manager, participated in the "UNICEF Connect Committee" and am the current President of the "Honours Review". My interest in social policy, rhetoric and experience in working on community-based programs have had a profound influence on the organizations I affiliate with, and Lijst Calimero personifies the ideas necessary to build coherent and mutually beneficial university strategies. Upon graduation, I will intern at the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe that it is integral for university policy to represent the interests of all students and serve to provide well rounded educational experiences. Therefore, a vote for Lijst Calimero is a vote for commitment towards investment in students" mental health, greater accountability and transparency in RUG fund management and improved access to facilities that aid in job acquisition or providing clarity on students" prospects after graduation. Lijst Calimero"s adherence to these values is not mere rhetoric, but representative in their past successful initiatives and the conduct of the people they elect. I am positive that this term will also be a testament to their hard work in improving UG policies.

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