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#23 Roos den Engelse
External Affairs STUFF 2017-2018

Who am I?

Hi. I am Roos den Engelse, 21 years old. I am currently in my fourth year of the Philosophy bachelor, and I hope to start the Master Education and Philosophy next year, also in Groningen. I have lived in Groningen since the beginning of my Bachelor. This has made it easier for me to be an active member of my study association (STUFF) and my student association (Gyas). I have been a member of several committees from both associations, and I have also been a member of the board of STUFF in my second year.

Why should you vote for me?

The time you are a student is not just for studying, but also for developing yourself and figuring out what you want to do. That is why it is important to me to be able to participate in small-scale education. That way every student gets the attention they need and the possibility to participate in discussions. The second reason why I am on Lijst Calimero"s support list is their commitment to the well-being of students. They organize the Well-being week and strive for more psychologists for students. Because when you are not feeling well, it is harder to focus on studies or participate in extracurricular activities. These are the two main reasons why I support Lijst Calimero.

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