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#27 Anne Fleur van der Meer
Chair J.B.S.V. Dorknoper

Who am I?

My name is Anne Fleur and I"m 20 years old. I study Law and have chosen to study Juridische Bestuurskunde. This year I did a board year at J.B.S.V. Dorknoper and I am also a member of the programme committee Juridische Bestuurskunde.

Why should you vote for me?

I choose Lijst Calimero because Lijst Calimero has been committed to employability and student wellbeing for years. Students experience more stress, because the pressure to graduate in three years has increased enormously. The financial pressure students experience also contributes to this. In addition, Lijst Calimero is committed to employability, because an increasingly important part of studying is preparing students for the job market. I support Lijst Calimero, because they focus on important projects that are important to you as a student

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