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#27 Silke Lennips
Faculty Council Law, Candidate Chair Simon van der Aa

My name is Silke Lennips and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am in my last year of the bachelor in Dutch Law. Next year I will start the master's degree in civil law, starting with an exchange at the University of Aruba. Besides my study I am an active member of Simon van der Aa - the association for Criminal Law in the Asega committee. Next year, I will be the chair of Simon van der Aa.In my opinion, high-quality education (in the broadest sense) is extremely important. So, I became interested in Lijst Calimero’s point of view. So interested, that I am proud to be the number 27 on the list of Lijst Calimero. This upcoming year, is it important to reduce the gap between the students and the University. The corona-crisis suddenly changed education for everyone. This created a lot of uncertainty and mainly required a lot of flexibility from the students and the University. Next year there will be physical education again. In the upcoming year, Lijst Calimero would reflect on what was good about education during the coronavirus. And which parts of online education can be used next year. In this way, Lijst Calimero is committed to high-quality education.

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