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#28 Lennard Pierey
Faction Lijst Calimero 2019

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Lennard Pierey. I"m a 21 years old student. I study Medicine and the Pre-Master Business Administration Health. I"m active for RKSV Albertus Magnus and handball association The Cirkeltijgers. After two years in the O&O-raad (faculty council) of the UMCG, I"ve been a member of the University Council for Lijst Calimero this year. My portfolio consisted of student representation, sustainability, national politics & housing.

Why should you vote for me?

In my role as a member of the University Council, I"ve started a few projects which are are important for all students. I"ve asked the board to re-open study spots during the corona crisis as soon as possible. I"ve started a project to make the Zernike Campus, an area with only concrete, asphalt and parking lots, more green through adding trees and increasing liveability. Additionally, I"ve commited to strenghten democracy and student representation, through an initiative to have students be part of application commitees of faculty boards. To continue projects like these, we need council members of Calimero in the University Council next year. I hope to receive your vote to accomplish our goals!

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