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#8 Dion Theodoridis
Internal Affairs ASCI 2018-2019

Who am I?

Hi, everybody! Let me also introduce myself. I am Dion Theodoridis, a 21-year-old Frisian, and like everyone on this list, a student at the RUG. Iam studying Information Science at the Faculty of Arts and I have been involved here for a while. For example, I was the internal commissioner of the ASCI study association, did the study programme committee for two years and now I am a student mentor.

Why should you vote for me?

Working in such roles gives me a lot of satisfaction, because it allows me to help other students and contribute to our university. That is why I want to get involved in the University Council by working for Lijst Calimero. Lijst Calimero appealed most to me of all parties, because their focus is first and foremost on the students" diplomas. Small-scale education is one of our key points, in addition to, for example, the well-being of students and sustainability in our university. These are also the points I want to focus on, so if you think that is as important as I do, I hope to count on your vote!

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