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#8 Mihail Pop
Active within EBF, IB Programme Committee

Hey! My name is Mihail, and I am a first-year International Business student at the Faculty of Economics and Business and part of the Johnson Cohort. Throughout my entire high school experience, I was involved in the National Student Council and other education-related organizations in Romania, which led me to embrace the responsibility of representing the students' core needs, values, and best interests. By advocating for quality education, lobbying and solving legislative, yet educational problems, I was able to see what a drastic impact the outcomes had on the lives of students and society itself. Thus, I became intrinsically motivated to follow this path and morph myself into an individual who contributes to the welfare of the student community, and I am eager to continue on this journey by joining Lijst Calimero. I've encountered and heard the problems that students face, such as housing, social safety, and integration, and I'm driven to be proactive and fight for our rights and these issues at the university level. Alongside Calimero, I stand for a high-quality, accessible, and inclusive education because I genuinely believe that we, all students, have the power to shape our future and deserve a better educational environment. Therefore, I count on you to be part of the change and vote for Lijst Calimero!

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