What you study

The RUG is not just a place where you acquire knowledge about a certain subject and then obtain a diploma. It goes much further than that. The university is a place where you acquire valuable skills, not only by studying, but also by challenging yourself and others. In this way, students are offered ways of thinking and skills from different disciplines and disciplines, which not only lead to a degree, but also to a successful future.

We deliver a better UG. In order to represent your interests as a student we need your vote during this year’s elections. Quality is a choice, so make yours. Choose Lijst Calimero.


Your study firstly needs to provide you with academic knowledge about your field, but secondly provide you with valuable experiences that cannot be found within the lecture hall.

Soft skills

Skills such as leadership and communication can be improved in many ways, one of which is interdisciplinarity. Therefore it is essential to incorporate this in the curriculum.

Career Services

Lijst Calimero handed in a memo suggesting a decentralization of Career Services.

Integrate Young Alumni Network

The UG has a framework for acquiring, and staying in contact with, alumni. Alumni are an invaluable source of work experience which should be given to students.


Every study program should offer the possibility to do an internship, so that experience in the work field can be gained.


The UG offers 180 study programmes, each of which offers different insights. Lijst Calimero believes that it increases the quality of education if multiple disciplines can be taught to students.


All students should have the opportunity to do a minor, as this is the ideal moment to explore different fields of study. Next to this, existing minors should be evaluated so their value can be optimised.

Courses at different studies

Information provision towards students about taking courses from other programmes should be improved. The possibility of creating university wide courses should also be investigated.

Extracurricular classes

General extracurricular courses should be organised and promoted to students. This would give students the option to learn about subjects without needing to get any ECTS for it.

Role of research in studies

Research is one of the fundamentals of a university. As such, we want the UG to make the best out of the available research and the opportunities it offers.

Balance fundamental & market-driven research

The driving forces of fundamental and market driven research are quite different and faculties should ensure that they are not out of balance.

Platform for research opportunities

Students should have an overview of the research opportunities in their faculty. This could be offered on a new platform in Nestor, where students and staff can communicate and assign the most fitting students to the respective projects.

Improved quality of education

We want to make sure that the allocated funds from quality agreements are spent on increased student-staff ratio, more personalised education and more facilities for education.