How we study

Quality education should be delivered to the students of the UG through a variety of different, stimulating ways. Lijst Calimero has always worked for the implementation of small-scale education, which is the best way of education. Now, during the corona crisis, it is of utmost importance to have excellent digital education. We hope that the university comes with innovative and succesful ideas to improve education as a result of this.

In order to represent your interests as a student we need your vote during this year’s elections. Quality is a choice, so make yours. Choose Lijst Calimero.

Small-scale education

Smaller groups make for a more personal education, which focuses on the individual needs of each student.

More money to improve the student-staff ratio

This year we approved €25.8 million for hiring more student assistants and staff. Teaching capacity has direct relation to the quality of education. Therefore, more money should be invested in the hiring of staff members.

Diversifying the methods of assessment in programmes

An exam is just a snapshot of a student’s abilities. In order to better test what students have learned, different ways of assessment should be used. Physical education should return but we should take successful lessons from the corona-era too, such as take-home essays.

Learning Communities

By implementing learning communities, small-scale and interdisciplinary education can be achieved. Allowing students to work together on small research projects will increase their understanding of the curriculum.


It is vital to assess how digitalisation can improve education, especially as we emerge the coronavirus pandemic. Physical education should be reimplemented as soon as possible, but the addition of digital facilities post-corna is still going to be beneficial.

Digital Testing

Successful methods of digital testing should be kept as a possibility after the pandemic. The option to do this should also be provided to students who cannot attend the physical exam.

Proctoring and privacy

Proctoring is an infringement of one’s privacy and alternatives should be found to ensure that cheating is minimised.

Lecture Recordings

Students should not miss valuable information just because they are ill or otherwise impeded from attending class. Therefore, lectures and seminars should be recorded where possible and made available to students for revision.

Online exercises

Students should be able to test their progress via online exercises throughout the semester.

Mobile UG app

A central handheld platform is sure to improve information provision to students. It can also contain adapted and user friendly versions of the schedule generator and nestor.

Website of the UG

The ease with which students can navigate through the website of the University should be improved. There is a lot of information on the website, but it has to be able to be found.

Internationalization in education

In a globalised world, students have to be prepared to work in an international and multicultural environment. Adapting and integrating different schools of thought in the curricula is a way of improving the quality of education.

English courses and programmes

Programmes should only be taught in English if students benefit from that in quality of education and career perspectives.

Language courses

There should be more free language courses in Dutch and English for students and teachers to fortify their language skills. All teachers should have a C1 level in English if their programme is given in this language.

Access to course material

All reading materials should be available in the language in which a course is given. Students should not be tested on material they cannot understand.

Accessible education

Options to improve students’ performance should be as accessible as possible and motivation should always be leading.

Honours Programme

Increased promotion of the Honours Programme at the beginning of the first year so that students are more informed of their option to apply.

Application procedure

Extensive research by the university into application procedures, like matching, should be carried out before implementing one.


Students should have access to a broader range of pre-masters.