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#29 Ashish
Treasurer Lijst Calimero

My name is Ashish Yadav and I am from India, pursuing BSc in Economics and Business Economics. I am the Treasurer of Lijst Calimero and also in the University Council of the RuG. I chose Lijst Calimero to raise concerns for student well-being and sustainability at the RuG. As an international student, I am proud to be in the current University Council where I experienced working with a diverse co-governance group. We constantly addressed issues such as quality of education, third resits, waste separation policy and more student psychologists for the welfare of our students. We are advocating for the Sustainable Development minor for our students. We are constantly focusing to make an essential impact through the sustainability policies at the RuG. This can be observed in the multi-year budget and strategic policy plan of the RuG. Sustainability is all about making choices so kindly make yours by voting for Lijst Calimero

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