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#3 Kjelda Glimmerveen
Assessor Theology and Religious Studies

Hi! I’m Kjelda and I am a 22 year old research master student, studying religion in fiction at the faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. This year I am assessor of our faculty and board member at association Gerardus van der Leeuw, which means that I represent our students in board matters and also organize fun events for them! As assessor I was introduced to important topics such as social safety, and organized an event for Calimero’s wellbeing week. That’s how Calimero and I got better acquainted! This year I want to represent students interested in research, and further develop an interdisciplinary research platform that Calimero is already working on. Additionally, I want to keep social safety on the agenda. I would love to see a university-wide clear document on what to do when unwanted behavior occurs, so that every student is well informed. I hope I can count on your vote- quality is a choice, so make yours!

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