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#5 Ale ten Cate
Secretary of the GSb, active in TAM, GHD Ubbo Emmius

I'm Ale, 18 years old and in my second year of History. Besides my studies I play tennis at TAM and I'm in the board of the Groninger Studentenbond. When I started studying, I quickly found out that I am quite critical about the situations students find themselves in at the university and that I have a lot to say about it as well. For example, I want the quality of education to improve. Last year, I was busy with the wellbeing of us students; I set up the reporting poing wellbeing that more than 700 students in Groningen filled in. I think it's important that we make ourselves heard more and I want to continue this in the University Council. Calimero was the most logical option for me because of their focus on education. There is much room for improvement and we need you to help us realise this. Vote for Calimero and ensure yourself of a better study environment!

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